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Hope ya like it. Great list! The only idea I have for you is an app that you can use to track your contractions. I found a free one that was wonderful. It was as easy as hit the button at the start and hit it again at the end. It tracked each one and kept them all together in a list. It was easy to see their intensity, duration, and time in between.

My husband had clear info to tell the dr when we were heading to the hospital.

Fun In : Who's Your Daddy - Chronicles of the Suicidal Baby

Good luck! Congratulations on your pregnancy, and pending bundle of joy! This is one of the most exciting times, I am now pregnant with 2 and your post gave me some great ideas for the next time around! I too was fearful of mastitis. If you are blessed with a lot of milk I was, my milk came in before I even left the hospital, which is unusual! I highly recommend pumping in between feedings. Nothing too long, even minutes to relieve the engorgment makes a big difference and will help prevent it.

I never got mastitis and breast feed for 11 months. So glad to know you like the Motherlove! I packed that too! So odd, but I had heard great things! I loved the post! Since Im not pregnant, the organization part of it was most helpful. Where did you get the big toiletry bag? I travel a lot for work and I am kinda obsessed. Wishing you a peaceful and easy labor. Bring your own pillowcase! Nothing annoyed me more during labor than the sound of the hospitals cheap pilllowcases rubbing. Plus they were hard and not comfy. I was so glad I brought my own. It was nice to have a comfort from home!

I recommend bringing an extension cord. You will have multiple things that need to charge and the plugs are alway too far away for me. Loved reading this one Katey! Love this post so much! Wishing you all the very best when your sweetpea comes! Xo Lauren. With my son, I totally forgot it at home and we had to put his footprints in it ourselves once we came home. When our daughter came last March, it was probably the first thing I packed. Enjoy this exciting time of your lives. Wishing you a quick and easy labor. So excited for you and Paul!

Xo Alison. Thank you for that comment! I had it packed and just completely forgot to add it to the list! I appreciate it! Love love love this post. Thank you for sharing and congrats from another momma-to-be! Great list!! No one will be mad you overpacked! We all just want you to enjoy the process and your little one!! That being said, I do get asked a lot if we have fans!! I have had a few families start bringing in the small portable ones for mom if she gets hot during labor most women do! I just thought that was really cleaver! Congrats on your soon to be new baby!

As a nurse I see first time moms pack waaaay too much, but your list seems pretty on point! Do not feel guilty about that one!!!! If not, no big deal. Just wanted to do that so my dad could if he wanted. I really enjoyed reading this post!

That new baby can bring depression to dad, too

What deodorant do you use? Great info. Hi girl! It will work in your Tahoe! My mom has a Tahoe and she has the Nuna in her car. So curious on where your toiletry case is from, the biggest one with the smaller ones inside? This is exactly what I need for my hospital bag. Thanks so much! Hi Katey! I have had this post bookmarked for a while and now that I am 32 weeks, I am starting to get my hospital bag packed. Any help would be appreciated!! Congratulations on your little one!

Our unsung heroes

I hope you have a wonderful delivery! Great post!!! So cute!! I recently did a post [beauty gift guide] linking to where to get them! Thank you! Hi Jenna! So I got him a new one so he could photograph his new baby! Just curious did you wear your own pajamas for delivery or the hospital gown? Did the pjs you picked get ruined? Hi Ally! I had my mom, my sister and my husband in the room for delivery! I found people were really understanding. My in-laws always said they could step out at any time, etc.

It is the proof that intelligent frivolity can be something creative and positive. Search Chronicles of Frivolity. Chronicles of Frivolity. Fashion Lifestyle Beauty. Instagram Pinterest Twitter Facebook. Subscribe to the Newsletter. Skip to content Chronicles of Frivolity. But I just wanted to be safe because I can always layer on blankets. Going Home Outfit : My going home outfit is just leggings and a big sweater from Lululemon, nothing fancy! Published 13 Jan 17 Reply. Katey wrote:. Hi Angelica!

March | | Sorry Son: Chronicles of a New Dad

Angelica wrote:. Erica Holland wrote:. Published 14 Jan 17 Reply. Nikki wrote:. Nina wrote:. Xo, Nina Law of Fashion Blog. Aw thank you girl!! Kori wrote:. Thanks for sharing! Hi Kori! Christi L Duke wrote:. Haleigh Hudson wrote:.

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Kayla wrote:. What did you give your husband as a present? Thanks for the wonderful post! Hi Kayla! Eleni wrote:.

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Thank you so much for reading Eleni! Rebecca wrote:. Payton wrote:. Do you have a link to her printed onesie in the photo?? SO cute!! Hi Payton! It is kicKeepants! Erin Gillean wrote:. Hi Erin! Madison wrote:. XO, Madison. Hi Madison! Stylelovingmom24 wrote:. Megan wrote:. Congratulations, and good luck in the coming weeks!!

Hi Megan! Jen wrote:. Stephany wrote:. Amanda wrote:. This will be so helpful for when my husband and I have a baby! Thanks so much for sharing! Sarah wrote:. Hi Sarah! Emily Hunt wrote:. Maria wrote:. Best wishes, good luck and God bless!! Sarah Hays wrote:. Haha Congrats! XO, Sarah. Xo, Katey. Francesca Brett wrote:. Hi Francesca! Sharon Ford wrote:. Thanks, Sharon.

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Colleen wrote:. Along with other researchers, Paulson examined 43 studies involving 28, participants.

They found that U. New and expectant dads in the United States had depression at twice the rate of the general male population. The findings are published in a special JAMA edition focusing on mental health. Lucy Puryear , a Houston psychiatrist who focuses on women's reproductive mental health. She's among the best-known Houston experts on postpartum depression, but she says she has treated few male patients.

Puryear, also an assistant professor at Baylor College of Medicine and the president-elect of Postpartum Support International, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote awareness, prevention and treatment of mental health issues related to childbearing. There's a social stigma attached to seeking help, too.