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If you keep moving, he shouldn't be able to hit you with it. Then close in, start whacking again, rinse and repeat. Also make sure you've stocked up on potions, and maybe hire a bodyguard if you haven't already. If you're running low on potions, town portal to buy some more. Don't worry, bosses can't be healed in this game, so you can spend as much time as you'd like away. If this isn't working, maybe using the paladin skill 'Charge' with a large weapon such as a pike might be a better approach.

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Using hit-and-run tactics with this skill ensures you won't be taking as much damage. User Info: Hootie Top Voted Answer. Just to add on to what Hootie00 says - I would suggest you make a town portal as soon as you've opened the 5th seal. Keep it a fair distance away from Diablo's area.

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Spread The Word del. Article Series This article is part 17 of a 36 part series. Other articles in this series are shown below:. Diablo 3 Walkthrough Part 4: Wretched Queen. Diablo 3 Walkthrough Part 7: Adria's Hut.

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Étiquette : diablo 3

Diablo 3 Walkthrough Part Crown of Leoric. Diablo 3 Walkthrough Part Desolate Chamber. Diablo 3 Walkthrough Part Fields of Misery. Diablo 3 Walkthrough Part Khazra Den. Diablo 3 Walkthrough Part Drowned Temple. Diablo 3 Walkthrough Part Festering Woods. Diablo 3 Walkthrough Part Caverns of Araneae. Diablo 3 Walkthrough Part Trailing the Coven.

Uberquests (Median XL) - Diablo Wiki

Diablo 3 Walkthrough Part Cursed Hold. Diablo 3 Walkthrough Part Chamber of Suffering. Diablo 3 Walkthrough Part The Butcher. Sorry but, I've been thro ugh this at least 20 time s and am still no closer to killing the Skeleton K ing and just keep dying a nd dying. You can only "m ove around" so much, even using my acrobatic move to get even more distance , and that's still not en ough. I followed all of t he advice of this walk-th rough and am really disap pointed that the game is this hard so early on.

Guess it's back to D2. Reply to this comment. Cancel this reply. Article Options. As soon as we made that choice everything else flowed from that. More worryingly, he's moved humanity onto the scary side of his 'naughty or nice' list and laid waste to the city of Westmarch to raise an army from its remains.

In the opening of Act V, set after Diablo's defeat, players must retake the city using the classic Diablo technique of hitting everything until it's dead, levelling up to unlock new ways to make things dead, and looting the world for items to make things dead faster. Westmarch might be the grimmest place I've visited in a videogame. Its grey streets are lined with the dead. Cold blue lanterns illuminate weathered cathedrals, cracked flagstones and half-collapsed statues of old heroes. It's the first time that Blizzard have attempted a randomised city environment.

Diablo 3 Belial Solo As Wizard (Boss Fight Kill How To Guide Pre Inferno Lvl 60)

Experiments with Diablo III's Caldeum bazaar didn't work out, but tech updates to Reaper of Souls let them slot detailed city streets into procedurally generated formations. I fought hordes of glowing spirits at a crossroads, and found an alleyway carpeted in mounds of corpses.

[Boss Guide] Urzael for Diablo 3 Items Collectors

In a small house I discovered a madman who'd decided to devote himself to Malthael in the hope that he might survive the cull. You can now transition between indoors and outdoors without a loading zone, giving the place a more coherent feel than many of Diablo III's vanilla environments.

More than anything, the city reminds me of the darker regions of Diablo II. Don't expect any sunshine and rainbows in Reaper of Souls' other areas, either. The Bloodmarsh is an old bog that hides 'hints of ancient civilisations'. I'm more excited about the Pandemonium Fortress, an insane castle at the centre of 'the scar of creation's birth'. It's a place suspended between heaven and hell that Diablo II players have visited very briefly in Act IV, which used to house the now-destroyed Worldstone.

There'll be plenty to dig into here for Diablo lore fans. Blizzard aren't showing those zones just yet, however. Instead I fought through a few blocks in their doomed city. Malthael's ghosts and Death Angels loiter on every corner, looking for souls to reap. They had a hard time reaping mine. I tried out Reaper of Souls' new class, the Crusader: a hulking mass of Teutonic iron armed with a flail, a shield and a fanatical love for reducing evildoers to mulch.

He plays like the Paladin's brawnier brother. Where Diablo and Diablo II's knight class specialised in auras that could heal team-mates, the Crusader prefers dropping bolts of holy lightning, and sometimes his own armoured body, onto enemies' heads. Blizzard describe him as a 'mid-range melee' class, but there's a bit of wizard in his DNA.

Fist of the Heavens brings a pillar of smouldering energy down anywhere on the battlefield. Smaller bolts skitter out from the point of impact to shock nearby foes. Consecration sets the area around the Crusader on fire, which heals nearby allies and harms nearby enemies. Both are excellent setups for Falling Sword, a slow-recharge ability that turns the Crusader into a mobile artillery strike.

He vanishes into the sky and crashes back to earth at your chosen point of impact. Weaker enemies in the dropzone are obliterated outright, the rest take massive damage. It didn't take long to adjust to the Crusader's combat style.