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Ear infections are the most common cause of ear pain. When the ear becomes infected, inflammation and buildup of pressure cause pain that can be intense. People with ear infections often have other symptoms, such as sinus pressure or a sore throat because infections from nearby areas may affect the ear. An ear infection can also be a standalone condition. Most ear infections are bacterial, not viral. Only a doctor can diagnose an ear infection. People should not take antibiotics without a prescription, or assume that symptoms are due to an ear infection.

However, earaches are not always caused by an ear infection. Other conditions can also cause pain in the ear. If left untreated, ear infections can spread to the jaw and other regions of the body. They may also damage the ear itself and can cause dangerously high fevers. When symptoms of an ear problem are present and do not resolve on their own within a day or two, people should speak to a doctor. If the pain is intense, is accompanied by a high fever, or includes hearing loss , people should seek medical attention immediately.

If an earache is not severe, or if a person is waiting for medical treatment to take effect, they may wish to try home remedies to relieve pain. People experiencing ear pain can try:. It is important to remember that it is not safe to give aspirin to babies and young children. This is because of the risk of a potentially life-threatening condition called Reye's syndrome.

The U. Food and Drug Administration FDA recommend that parents speak to a doctor before giving over-the-counter drugs to a child under 2 years old. These drugs can cause serious side effects in babies and young children. Note also that the dosage for children is often significantly lower than the proper dosage for adults.

Causes of Ear Pain and Treatment Options

Heat from an electric heating pad or hot pack can reduce inflammation and pain in the ear. A range of heating pads is available for purchase online. Apply a hot pad to the ear for 20 minutes. For best results, people should touch the neck and throat with the hot pad. The heating pad should not be unbearably hot.

Is this your child's symptom?

People should never fall asleep with a heating pad, or allow a child to use a hot pack without adult supervision. Try wrapping ice in paper towels or freezing a cold pack and then covering it with a light cloth. Hold this to the ear and the area immediately under the ear for 20 minutes. Some people find that heat offers greater relief than cold.

For others, alternating hot and cold packs 20 minutes hot, followed by 20 minutes cold provides the best pain relief. Ear drops can reduce pressure in the ear caused by fluid and earwax.

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These are available for purchase over the counter or online. People should read the directions carefully, and talk to a doctor before using ear drops on a child. Ear drops are no substitute for prescription ear drops or antibiotics, so people should only use them for a few days. If symptoms return, people should see a doctor. It is important to remember that people should not use ear drops in a child with tubes in their ears or whose eardrum has ruptured. Gentle massage can help with ear pain that radiates from the jaw or teeth, or that causes a tension headache.

People can massage the tender area, as well as any surrounding muscles. For example, if the area behind the ear hurts, try massaging the muscles of the jaw and neck. This type of massage may help drain excess fluid from the ears, and prevent the pain from getting worse. Garlic has long been used in folk medicine to relieve pain.

Some research suggests it has antimicrobial properties that can fight infection. People should not use it as a substitute for antibiotics a doctor has recommended. Instead, consider adding garlic to an antibiotic regimen to speed up relief. Garlic ear drops may also reduce pain and prevent an infection from getting worse.

Cook two or three cloves in two tablespoons of mustard or sesame seed oil until brown, then strain the mix. Then, apply a drop or two to each ear. Like garlic, onions can help fight infection and reduce pain.

Also like garlic, onions are not a substitute for medical attention. Heat an onion in the microwave for a minute or two. Then, strain the liquid and apply several drops to the ear. A person may want to lie down for 10 minutes, and then allow the liquid to flow out of the ear. Repeat this as needed. Babies who are nursing may feel better when allowed and encouraged to nurse as frequently as possible. Adults and children can suck on hard candy or cough drops. Breast milk has antimicrobial properties. Some research suggests that a mother's breast milk changes based on the microbes to which a baby is exposed.

This means that breast milk is most effective in babies. However, some sources suggest that breast milk may even help adults. Infants and children should continue nursing to get the most benefits from breast milk. In nursing babies, as well as in children and adults, topical application of breast milk may also help.

Spotting earache in babies and young children

Even if it doesn't, breast milk is unlikely to cause any serious side effects. People can try dropping a few drops of breast milk in each ear, and repeat the application every few hours as needed. Article last reviewed by Fri 23 June Visit our Ear, Nose and Throat category page for the latest news on this subject, or sign up to our newsletter to receive the latest updates on Ear, Nose and Throat. All references are available in the References tab. Ankri, S. Antimicrobial properties of allicin from garlic [Abstract]. Microbes and Infection , 1 2 , Ear infections - home treatment.

Its presence in a non-operated ear is uncommon. Cholesteatoma can sometimes cause granulation at the level of the tympanic membrane superiorly or posterosuperiorly. Cholesteatoma, however, is rarely a cause of significant pain. Generally, if a patient with cholesteatoma has significant pain, we suspect some other underlying etiology.

Chronic otitis media is also capable of producing granulation tissue; however, it is a painless disease.

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Ear Pain: Diagnosing Common and Uncommon Causes

The presence of pain in the setting of chronic otitis media likely indicates there is either another pathologic process or cause of the pain. Otitis externa usually has significant pain associated with it. Granulation tissue in the presence of otitis externa is rare and is usually associated with malignant otitis externa, otherwise called skull base osteomyelitis. This condition occurs in the setting of significant immune suppression or diabetes. In the absence of an immune suppressing problem in our patient, it would be unlikely that skull base osteomyelitis would occur.

Another concerning sign was the facial paralysis. The patient stated that the episodes only lasted for a few hours, which is highly unusual for facial paralysis. The presence of an ear canal lesion combined with ear pain and intermittent facial paralysis indicates that something more ominous was occurring. Finally, mixed hearing loss indicated some involvement of the inner ear. A closer look at the mass revealed prominent blood vessels within the mass in the ear canal. This indicated that the lesion was most likely not granulation tissue.

Also, the patient had been suffering from significant pain for the past few months. In the presence of an ear canal mass and significant pain, further workup is warranted. The patient's actual imaging CDs were obtained for review. This helps put into perspective the findings of the physical examination. Depending on the quality of the imaging obtained, further imaging studies may be ordered. In the presence of mixed hearing loss, one possibility is a cholesteatoma that is eroding the horizontal semicircular canal.

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  8. However, this generally would not be a painful disease. A quick review of the CT scan showed the horizontal canal was not involved at all in this disease process. The mass appeared to involve only the medial canal and sinus timpani Fig. The sensorineural component of the hearing loss was likely due to inflammatory mediators or the tumor crossing the round window membrane. That was possibly where the mass would have caused irritation to the descending segment of the facial nerve, leading to the intermittent facial paralysis.

    A CT of the temporal bone showed the mass was limited to the posterior aspect of the middle ear and ear canal. An MRI with contrast showed the mass was enhancing entirely with the gadolinium contrast agent Figs. Diffusion-weighted imaging sequence did not reveal intensity, indicating that a cholesteatoma was much less likely. Contrast enhancement of the region indicated ample blood supply to it. While granulation tissue does enhance with gadolinium, granulation is usually due to a response to a primary process that is infectious or inflammatory.

    In this case, the first step is to obtain a biopsy of the mass once imaging has been checked. The biopsy of a glomus tumor can cause massive bleeding. Though rare, an anomalous blood vessel e. Therefore, a mass that appears to be emanating from the middle ear should not be biopsied until imaging has been obtained. In this patient, a biopsy was obtained and showed squamous cell carcinoma. Retracting the mass revealed the superior aspect of the tympanic membrane was normal. Carcinoma of the ear canal is rare, so diagnosis can be delayed significantly. It is not uncommon for patients with this type of cancer to be delayed in their care for months or even years.

    Treatment of squamous cell carcinoma of the temporal bone is primarily surgical. For early stage carcinoma, surgical excision has a cure rate of over 95 percent. The surgical excision of this patient's tumor involved a lateral temporal bone resection, including removal of the external auditory canal, ear canal bone, tympanic membrane, malleus, and incus.

    Tumors that involve the middle ear require a subtotal resection of the temporal bone.

    These patients would need adjuvant radiation therapy, and the prognosis is significantly lower than a tumor limited to the ear canal. If the tumor involves the facial nerve, treatment would include resection and grafting of the facial nerve.

    Adult Earaches Usually Stem from More Than an Ear Infection | Premier Health

    Read this month's Clinical Consultation case, then watch the accompanying videos from Hamid R. Djalilian, MD, to review the patient's imaging for yourself. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. Please enable scripts and reload this page.