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Our product comes exclusively on the fountain like Coke or bar gun not in cans.

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We want to create a logo for BJB, however we want to create it in such a way that it would have some synergy with the BlackJack Energy brand which does not yet have any design. The name BlackJack comes from the nickname of one of our partners who is a professional sprint car driver. We want to be careful about not making the brand racing specific, which could alienate some consumers, and we also want to stay away from the idea of playing cards in the logo.

That being said, We would like to have some type of icon incorporated into the logo, but I don't really have any thoughts specifically about what would be a good fit. We will be using this logo on our product packaging, sales presentations, web sites, business cards, etc. Find out how a design contest works or learn more about our logo design services.

Completed contest. Brian needed a new logo design and created a contest on 99designs. A winner was selected from designs submitted by 28 freelance designers. Learn more about logo design. Entries from this contest. Some of the designers who made it happen. Finalist - tomaszum. Very responsive and fast on edits. Understood the original concept and continually made accurate and excellent revisions throughout the process. Will definitely find ways to work with this designer again.

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Also, other marketing people I know have asked for this designer's 99designs name for future invites to their contests. Finalist - Rajivdave Eulean designed our logo, and then we hired him again to design some other marketing materials. He's been very responsive, helpful, and easy to work with. I would highly recommend him to anyone! Finalist - 4JKovi.

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I enjoyed working with this design. Very responsive to all my feedback. Our designer went beyond what was stated in our brief and showed us something that we didn't even know we wanted. It made us put a lot more thought into the process, and broadened the scope of our project. How Brian started their logo design journey Who are you known as? BlackJack Energy.

Getting your ass kicked

Tell us a bit about who you are and the people you reach We are looking to develop branding for a new energy drink. What industry do you think your business is most related to? Logo types to explore. To give us an idea of the overall feeling of your brand, let us know which styles you lean towards. Free features.

If they're angry at you for "screwing it up", they're not going to listen to your reasons.

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However, on a few occasions, I've been watching the game from behind, and seen people get irate about a "dumb play". Usually they're mad at a casual player who has no clue what they're doing, but sometimes they're mad at someone making an index play. I've found it quite effective to lean over, and whisper something to the irate player like "If you're not having fun, you can always take a break.

Since they weren't angry at me, it doesn't come across as confrontational. So, all you need is a confederate to back-count other tables and tell people at your table to leave if they don't like your play.

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  7. May the cards fall in your favor. Joined: Dec 8, Threads: Posts: In all my years playing blackjack I've only had two negative things occur when I've made index plays that I recall. One was when I split 10's when the dealer had a 5 or 6 up. Old grouchy guy to my left said, "I hope you lose".

    The dealer busted.

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    Then, once me and an older Aisan lady were playing at a table together. I hit my 13 against a dealer 3 in a negative 3 count. Lady glares at me when she loses to the dealer and just walks away. At least she could appreciate basic strategy. Both incidents happened at the Golden Nugget. Most of the time I'm betting more than the civilians at the table. You're not likely to hear negative comments when you do that.

    I've always liked the term "civilians" instead of ploppies. I heard that Grosjean coined that expression.

    Joined: Jul 22, Threads: 26 Posts: Welcome to the forums! As everyone else said this is something that's going to happen just from playing the game itself. You don't have to know BS, you don't have to be a counter, and people will always yell at you if they feel you made them lose right play or not. I've had very good basic strategy players tell me I messed up for playing basic strategy because on THAT hand I should have stayed, then we all would have won! No matter what you're going to get crap from people, but you should NEVER take it from them because it will only get worse.

    You MUST stand up to them, and in my opinion, in a smart way. My favorites: 1 Something like , , surrendering, A-8 double to 6, hitting A-7 to dealer A, etc Sometimes you'll get the people whom still argue on that you should have knowingly not played basic.

    Sometimes you gotta go with your gut! Of course they have no clue and generally just shut up. Point out when my 'weird' plays help everyone after being berated then requesting money for making them win. Say in your situation where you hit the 12v4 and pulled the ace, then the dealer 11 got the I would point out "Yeah, and if those 2 cards came out in the other order then you'd be praising me for saving the table.

    Choosing to spend your gambling money there could mean a free girls weekend! View it as entertainment that you pay for that comes with a chance to win big. To get the most entertainment value out of your gambling experience, pick games that genuinely interest you, take advantage of the comped drinks, interact with fellow gamblers or strategically spend your money on machines that are likely to give you a bigger payout. In short, do what you need to do to really enjoy yourself and the gambling will be worth it.

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    Pop your booty down in front of a penny slot machine or 25 cent video Blackjack.