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Making Russia Great Again

Fiona Hill and Clifford Gaddy have gone a long way in answering that question, starting with the title, which makes a crucial point: even though 'Mr. Putin' was, in his upbringing and early career, a prototype of the Soviet man, he's no longer 'Comrade Putin. He has made a deal with the capitalists who have thrived in Russia over the past two decades: they support him in the exercise of his political power, and he supports them in amassing their fortunes.

The authors divide Putin's political identity into six basic personas, including the Statist, the History Man, the Survivalist, the Outsider, the Free Marketer and, perhaps most crucially, the Case Officer. Their analysis of each combines enough historical background and contemporary analysis for a graduate-level seminar along with an accessible writing style that won't deter more casual readers.

The History Man, for example, is shown as habitually invoking Russia's hallowed past to justify his obsession with an ever-looming threat of disorder, while the Case Officer uses persuasive, focused techniques of gaining a target's confidence, first learned in the KGB, to "enlist every Russian in the service of the state.

Mr. Putin : : operative in the Kremlin / | Woodland Public

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Russian S. ISBNs Where do Vladimir Putin's ideas come from? How does he look at the outside world?

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What does he want, and how far is he willing to go? The great lesson of the outbreak of World War I in was the danger of misreading the statements, actions, and intentions of the adversary. Today, Vladimir Putin has become the greatest challenge to European security and the global world order in decades.

Russia's 8, nuclear weapons underscore the huge risks of not understanding who Putin is. Featuring five new chapters, this new edition dispels potentially dangerous misconceptions about Putin and offers a clear-eyed look at his objectives. It presents Putin as a reflection of deeply ingrained Russian ways of thinking as well as his unique personal background and experience.

In This Review

Praise for the first edition If you want to begin to understand Russia today, read this book. Central Intelligence Of the many biographies of Vladimir Putin that have appeared in recent years, this one is the most useful. It is a psychological portrait.

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  5. If so, which ones would you recommend? There's Mr. Putin, by Fiona Hill and Clifford Gaddy. Boris Yeltsin and the Time of Troubles.