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  1. (PDF) Marcel Dekker, Inc. Handbook of Pharmaceutical Analysis | Marija Bosnjak - etaxebikajuj.tk

Hanlin Zhan, Dept. Dianguo Xu, Dept. Hour: Title: Design, modelling and analysis of a new type of piezoelectric motor. Multicell piezoelectric motor. Hour: Title: Identification of the mechanical properties of the skin by electromechanical impedance analysis of resonant piezoelectric actuator Authors: Mr. Asif Sabanovic, Sabanci University, Turkey. Hour: Title: Optoelectronic detector for a glass cullet sorter Authors: Dr. The vision of Ethernet in automation - Marketing vs.

Industrial Ethernet - How to merge fieldbus and Ethernet - Early standards 3. Real-time Ethernet - Latest developments - Situation in standardization 4. Hour: Title: Bonded magnets for brushless fractional machines: process parameters effects evaluation Authors: Prof. Hour: Title: A comparative study of different slot configurations for PM brushless machines used for vehicle traction Authors: Mr. Son M. Bernard Fong, Neo Mechanics Ltd. Wing K. Joe N. Rosa H. Savio W. Juuso Papers. Guerrero, Aalborg University, Denmark.

Hour: Title: Distillate control to reduce electricity consumption in a solar multi-effect plant Authors: Dr. Luis J. Julio E. Carlos Bordons, University of Seville, Spain. Hour: Title: Optimisation of solar energy collection with smart adaptive control Authors: Prof. Esko K. Juuso, University of Oulu, Finland Dr.

Hour: Title: PMSM for high demands on low torque ripple using optimized stator phase currents controlled by an iterative learning control algorithm Authors: Mr. Gerd Bramerdorfer, Accm, Austria Prof. Wolfgang Amrhein, Accm, Austria Mr. Stephan Lanser, Voest Alpine, Austria. Yoichi Hori, University of Tokyo, Japan. Samin Rastgoufard, Student, Iran Dr. Ali Akbar Safavi, Professor, Iran. Tsung Hsien Yu, None, Taiwan. Yousef Ibrahim, Monash University, Australia.

Hour: Title: Digital loss-free resistor for power factor correction applications Authors: Mr. Emilio J. Mohamed Benbouzid, University of Brest, France. Paris Sud , France Dr. Paris Sud , France Prof. Paris Sud - Univ. P et M Curie , France. Kaipei Liu, Wuhan University, China. Keiichiro Kondo, Chiba University, Japan. Hour: Title: Improving kinetic energy storage for vehicles through the combination of rolling element and active magnetic bearings Authors: Mr. Mi Zhang, Chongqing University, China. Gamal M. Dousoky, Minia University, Egypt Prof.

Hour: Title: Photovoltaic modules diagnostic: an overview Authors: Prof. Rogerio V. Jacomini, University of Campinas, Brazil. Patrick R. Palmer, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom. Zhihong Bai, Zhejiang University, China. Antonio Alexandridis, University of Patras, Greece. Miret, Techical University of Catalonia, Spain. Marco Liserre, Politecnico di Bari, Italy. Authors: Ms. Nanfang Yang, Utbm, France Dr. Damien Paire, Utbm, France Dr. Fei Gao, Utbm, France Prof.

Weiguo Liu, Npu, China Prof. Abdellatif Miraoui, Utbm, France. Hour: Title: Using vector-metrics for the comparison of communication technologies in smart grids Authors: Mr. Hour: Title: Design and measurement of a passive thrust magnetic bearing for a bearingless motor Authors: Mr. Tore M. Authors: Dr. Norberto Pires, University of Coimbra, Portugal. Toshiaki Tsuji, Saitama University, Japan. Pedro Neto, University of Coimbra, Portugal. Vishnu P. Marsono, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia. Toru Yamamoto, Hiroshima University, Japan. Eiji Uchino, Yamaguchi University, Japan.

Joao Onofre, Ufms, Brazil Mr. Andre Muniz, Ufms, Brazil. Giovani G. Ricardo Q. Meisam Farrokhi far, Politecnico di Milano, Italy. Hour: Title: Electric and hydraulic process connection in hydraulic and pumped storage hydroelectric power stations Authors: Prof. Authors: Mrs. Cristina Morel, Eseo, France. Chonlatee Photong, Mahasarakham University, Thailand. Asma Hemdani, Enit, Tunisia Dr. Ilhem Slama-Belkhodja, Enit, Tunisia. Aaron M. John T. Grant A. Tim Buber, M. Sc, Germany Ms. Anna Gruber, Dipl. Serafin von Roon, Dr. Jochen Conrad, M. Sara Ghaemi, Ait, Austria Mr.

Simon Schneider, Ait, Austria. Johanna L. Hour: Title: Are domestic load profiles stable over time? An attempt to identify target households for demand side management campaigns Authors: Ms. Thorsten Staake, University of Bamberg, Germany. Hour: Title: Mechatronics to drive environmental sustainability: measuring, visualizing and transforming consumer patterns on a large scale Authors: Ms. Hour: Title: The role of user interaction and acceptance in a cloud-based demand response model Authors: Ms. Andrea M. Tonello, WiTiKee s. David M. John Y. Alexandre Lugli, Inatel, Brazil Mr. Lienhard Pagel, University of Rostock, Germany.

Binxin Zhou, Yangzhou University, China. Shah D. Imen B. Zhiquan Deng, Nuaa, United Kingdom. Hour: Title: Comparison of different synchronous machines for sensorless drives Authors: Dr. Silverio Bolognani, University of Padova, Italy. Gerhard P. Neraj P. Yoshimitsu Aoki, Keio University, Japan. Mario Pereira, University of Seville. Fernando Tadeo, University of Valladolid, Spain. Bruno Sareni, Laplace, France Prof. Xavier Roboam, Laplace, France. Seyed Mehdi Hakimi, K. Toosi University, Iran Prof.

Seyed Masoud Tafreshi, K. Toosi University, Iran Mr. Hamid Hassanzadehfard, K. Sarithlal M. Hour: Title: Efficient modeling of mechatronic systems regarding variety and complexity in the field of automotive Authors: Mr. Daniel Regulin, German, Germany Mr. Sebastian Rehberger, German, Germany Prof. Birgit Vogel-Heuser, German, Germany. Honghai Liu Papers. Yousef Gharbia, Dhofar University, Oman. Cesareo Raimundez, Universidade de Vigo, Spain. Pierre Sicard, Uqtr, Canada. Paris Sud , France Mrs. Ganesh R. Baljit S. Yuttana Kumsuwan, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Rahman, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada.

Elserougi, Alexandria University, Egypt Dr. Ayman S. Adel-khalik, Alexandria University, Egypt Dr. Massoud, Qatar University, Qatar Dr. Zhang Xueguang, Dept. Chen Jiaming, Dept. Zhang Wenjie, Dept. Xu Dianguo, Dept. Eduard Solano, Laplace, France Ms. Ana Llor, Laplace, France Mr. Thierry Meynard, Laplace, France Mr. Maurice Fadel, Laplace, France Mr. Guillaume Gateau, Laplace, France Mr. Antonino-Daviu Ioannis Tsoumas Papers. Syed Islam, Curtin University, Australia.

Ioannis Tsoumas, Siemens, Germany Dr. Hour: Title: Multi-harmonic tracking for diagnosis of rotor asymmetries in wound rotor induction motors Authors: Dr. Rafael B. Hour: Title: Automatic diagnosis of submersible motor pump conditions in offshore oil exploration Authors: Prof.

Thomas W Rauber, Dept. Alexandre Rodrigues, Dept. Czeslaw T. Kowalski, Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland. Hour: Title: Development of a new simulation tool for computation of the synchronous generator end-winding deformations Authors: Dr. Andrej Stermecki, Igte, Austria Prof.

Thomas A. Francesco Cupertino, Politecnico di Bari, Italy. Hour: Title: Numerical analysis for the influence of the construction of the secondary reaction plate on the characteristics of linear induction motor - for urban rail-guided transportation - Authors: Mr. Mustafa Unel, Sabanci University, Turkey. Masayoshi Wada, Tokyo Univ. Hour: Title: Quality assessment of row crop plants by using a machine vision system Authors: Prof. Toshihiro Shinohara, Kinki University, Japan.

Hour: Title: Automatic detection of material phase transitions from spectroscopic data Authors: Mr. Hour: Title: Forward obstacle detection in a lane by stereo vision Authors: Mr. Hussain Athab, Ryerson University, Canada. Johan I. Guzman, Talca University, Chile Mr. Marco E. Rivera, Talca University, Chile Mr. Espinosa, Concepcion University, Chile Mr. Rohten, Concepcion University, Chile. Sumit K. Rohten, Concepcion University, Chile Mr. Villarroel, Concepcion University, Chile Dr. Guzman, Talca University, Chile. Hour: Title: Sensing cloud optimization applied to a non-convex constrained economical dispatch Authors: Prof.

Fernando Maciel Barbosa, Feup, Portugal. Mohammad R. Hour: Title: Impact of varying photovoltaic penetration on minimum loss reconfiguration Authors: Mrs. Kankar Bhattacharya, University of Waterloo, Canada. Raymundo Martinez Papers. Xichang Yu, Shandong University, China. Douglas L. Hour: Title: Multiple inverters modulation technique for photovoltaic systems Authors: Dr. Jose M. Sosa, Lab. Juan P. Serrano Rubio, Lab.

Hour: Title: Advancements and challenges of a multi-platform real time simulation lab for power applications Authors: Mr. Paolo Mattavelli, University of Padova, Italy. Matthias Keinert, University of Stuttgart, Germany. Hour: Title: Transmission line switching technique based on active free-space optics system Authors: Prof. Kiyotaka Izumi, Saga Univ, Japan. Mohamed A. Hour: Title: Non-destructive techniques for quality control of PV modules: infrared thermography, electro- and photoluminescence imaging Authors: Dr. Hour: Title: An acoustic set up for the vibration analysis of silicon wafers Authors: Mr.

Michael Schwark, Ait, Austria Mr. Karl Berger, Ait, Austria Dr. Rita Ebner, Ait, Austria Mr. Christina Hirschl, Ctr, Austria Mr. Lukas Neumaier, Ctr, Austria Mr. Hour: Title: Imaging the transmission of light through a crystalline silicon wafer with a silicon detector array Authors: Dr. Michele Pellegrino, Enea, Italy Dr. Giovanni Flaminio, Enea, Italy Dr. Giorgio Graditi, Enea, Italy. Horacio Polli, Whirlpool Corporation, Brazil. Tiago Ferreira, Unifei, Brazil Dr. Lenin Morais, Ufmg, Brazil Dr. Seleme Seleme Jr.

Kazuyuki Morioka, Meiji University, Japan. Hideki Hashimoto, Chuo University, Japan. Mihoko Niitsuma, Chuo Univ. Chuo University, Japan Mr. Akira Onodera, Chuo University, Japan.

Pablo Acuna, U. Marco Rivera, U. Juan Dixon, Pontificia Univ. Abdelhamid Hamadi, Ets, Canada Prof. Salem Rahmani, Istmt, Tunisia Prof.

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Hour: Title: Minimum-time feedforward control of an open liquid container Authors: Dr. Marco Vezzosi, University of Parma, Italy. Carlos Ocampo-Martinez, Inst. Cristian Kunusch, Inst. Koyo Yu, Keio Univ. Daiki Suzuki, Keio Univ. Kouhei Ohnishi, Keio Univ. Hiromasa Kawana, Keio Univ. Shin Usuda, Keio Univ. Hour: Title: An approach for robust data-driven fault detection with industrial application Authors: Prof.

Toshihiko Noguchi, Shizuoka University, Japan. Hour: Title: A simple method for the parameter identification of the Jiles-Atherton model using only symmetric hysteresis loops Authors: Mr. Rao R. Huai Wang, Aalborg University, Denmark. Hour: Title: Thermal loading of wind power converter considering dynamics of wind speed Authors: Ms.

Andreas Harth, Aifb, Kit, Germany. Rui Wu, Aalborg university, Denmark Prof. Frede Blaabjerg, Aalborg university, Denmark Dr. Huai Wang, Aalborg university, Denmark Prof. Marco Liserre, Aalborg university, Denmark Dr. Maurelia, Concepcion University, Chile Prof. Cesar A. Munoz, Talca University, Chile. Hour: Title: Solid state transformer with low-voltage ride-through and current unbalance management capabilities Authors: Dr. Juan A. Aboubakr Salem, Ugent, Belgium Dr. Araz Darba, Ugent, Belgium Prof. Jan Melkebeek, Ugent, Belgium. Hiroaki Nishi, Keio University, Japan.

Cruz E. Borges, DeustoTech, Spain Mr. Yoseba K. Penya, DeustoTech, Spain. Friederich Kupzog, Ai, Austria Dr. Jongbae Kim, Lsis, Korea South. Eduardo Hidalgo, Dpt. Electronic Engineering, Univ. Alfonso Guerrero-de-Mier, Dpt. Ramon G. Carvajal, Dpt. Ruben Martin-Clemente, Dpt. Antonio Barreiro, University of Vigo, Spain. Fujio Kurokawa, Nagasaki University, Japan. Hour: Title: Automated counting of palletized slate slabs based on machine vision Authors: Mr. Hour: Title: An adaptive background biased depth map hole-filling method for Kinect Authors: Mr. Toshiyuki Murakami, University of Keio, Japan.

Luca Zaccarian, University of Trento, Italy. Etxegarai Zhe Chen Papers. Yateendra Mishra, Lecturer, Australia Prof. Gerard Ledwich, Professor, Australia. Wattana Kaewmanee, Kmutnb, Thailand Dr. Matheepot Phattanasak, Kmutnb, Thailand Dr. Panarit Sethakul, Kmutnb, Thailand Dr. Leonardo Palma, Universidad de Concepcion, Chile. Shinichiro Sumiyoshi, Panasonic Corporation, Japan. Isidro Urriza, University of Zaragoza, Spain. Yukiharu Yamada, Ube Industries, Ltd. Tatsuya Nagao, Ube Industries, Ltd.

Yasuhiro Miyake, Ube Industries, Ltd. Yujiro Noda, Ube Industries, Ltd. Burdio, University of Zaragoza, Spain. Masaaki Katayama, Nagoya University, Japan. H, Austria. Weiwei Wu, Southeast University, China. Walter Sattinger, Swissgrid ag, Switzerland Mr. Roland Notter, Swissgrid ag, Switzerland Mr. Hermann de Meer, University of Passau, Germany.

Peter Jonke, Ait, Austria Mr. Christoph Eder, Ait, Austria Dr. Michael Schwark, Ait, Austria. Maura Musio, University of Cagliari, Italy. Dirk Pesch, Cit, Ireland. Menouer Boubekeur, Utrc-I, Ireland. Hour: Title: Automatic Generation of human machine interface screens from component based reconfigurable virtual manufacturing cell Authors: Mr. Guy Sturtzer, Guy Sturtzer, France. Ashish Pandharipande, Philips Research, Netherlands.

Shuai Li, Philips Research, Netherlands. Emilio L. Comptertechnik, Austria Mr. Comptertechnik, Austria. Trygve Thomessen, Ppm As, Norway. Ryota Karitani, Chuo University, Japan. Gwennael Favennec, Renault, France. Hour: Title: Fault-tolerant servo systems against actuator failures using limited integrators Authors: Prof.

Hour: Title: Quasi-internal model-based vibration control for vehicle suspension systems Authors: Dr. Hiroaki Fujii, Meiwa Manufacturing Co. Hitoshi Uehara, Meiwa Manufacturing Co. Yasushi Hyakutate, Meiwa Manufacturing Co. Giuseppe Buja, University of Padova, Italy. Philip J. Richard A. Giovanni Parrino, University of Catania, Italy.

Davide Cristaldi, University of Catania, Italy. Ana L. Martinez-Herrera, Universidad de Guanajuato, Mexico. Hour: Title: A digital observer based current loop control for buck converters Authors: Mr. Yongxiao Liu, Shanghai university of electric power, China Prof. Jinbin Zhao, Shanghai university of electric power, China Dr. Keqing Qu, Shanghai university of electric power, China Prof. Yang Fu, Shanghai university of electric power, China. Levy F. Hour: Title: Coupled-inductor boost converter with simple resonant technique Authors: Dr.

Hour: Title: A modular methodology for the development of urban energy planning support software Authors: Mr. Hour: Title: Behavior validation of production systems within different phases of the engineering process Authors: Prof. I wrote on December 6, Mr. Chairman, and I asked most politely to Secretary Albright that she pursue this vigorously.

I received a reply—this is December 6. I received a reply only from Secretary Cohen. Secretary Cohen said, Thank you for your letter requesting information about the location of Russian weapon caches within the United States. I have asked the Undersecretary of Defense for Policy, Mr. Walt Slocum, to promptly address this request; and he will get back to you as soon as possible.

With best wishes, I am Secretary Bill Cohen. Knowing of this hearing, Mr. Chairman, I want to emphasize this because fairness is a very important characteristic in anything as important as this. One must be careful in saying this is a concern to all Democrats, Republicans alike. I would be grateful if you would respond to my letter prior to this hearing so that I may submit the administration's possession in this matter to the committee for the record. Chairman, I received no response at all. The possibility, by the way, could be simply a booby- trapped communications device.

Indeed in my testimony I'm just going to stick with that example. Suppose that's all we were talking about. Chairman, you know we spend money because you and I serve on the International Relations Committee together, we spend money in Yugoslavia, we spend money in Africa, Zimbabwe where I recently visited, on demining. I'm glad that we do because some child might come across a mine in an area where it had been planted years before. This seems to me the minimum that we should do for our own people, to find out if there is a booby-trapped device.

All right. I mentioned the two streams flowing into the river. On the first Professor Hill's testimony—excuse me, Andrews' testimony on October 26, one method, perhaps the main method of bringing arms and radio equipment into Western countries was via Soviet diplomatic bags. In the case of the United States, however, there are indications in KGB files that some of the equipment was smuggled across the Mexican and Canadian borders. First reason to worry about california because of our long border with Mexico.

Second, also from Professor Andrews' testimony, among the chief sabotage targets across the United States-Mexican border were military bases, missile sites, radar installations, and the oil pipeline code named Stark which ran from El Paso in Texas to Costa Mesa in california. Three sites in the california coast were selected for DRG landings, that's an acronym for the Russian word for these teams, that were instructed to preposition material of this nature. Together with large capacity caches in which to store mines, explosives, detonators, and other sabotage material.

Second stream flowing into this river of doubt. Third, from Mitrokhin's testimony himself and his quotation in the 60 Minutes presentation, so this is Mitrokhin himself speaking, the KGB plan went from the Mexican border in the south to the 49th parallel, the Canadian border, in the north.

Andrew says, quoting Mitrokhin, Mitrokhin's most stunning revelation is that these targets across the United States in a KGB plan to knock out United States power supplies in case of a war. That's from testimony that Andrew gave quoting Mitrokhin, so it was not Mitrokhin himself, and I can correct myself, October 26, Looking forward to phase 2. Enjoying the show. God bless and Godspeed! Legalize not reschedule cannabis. I can help with the details. If you don't need me helping with draining the swamp at least give me an assist on some MAGA action.

The original volume, published in April , was the product of a 2-year study conducted by the Committee on Developments in the Science of Learning. Following its publication, a second NRC committee, the Committee on Learning Research and Educational Practice, was formed to carry that volume an essential step fur- ther by exploring the critical issue of how better to link the findings of research on the science of learning to actual practice in the classroom.

The present volume draws on that report to expand on the findings, conclusions, and research agenda presented in the original volume. During the course of these efforts, a key contributor and one of the most eloquent voices on the importance of applying the science of learning to classroom practice was lost. The educational community mourns the death of Ann L. Her insight and dedication to improving education through science will be sorely missed. John D. Two of the barges have a superstructure whose construction has been kept under the utmost secrecy, while speculations indicate they could be used as marketing for, and stores for, Google Glass.

However, these are merely speculations. Others have suggested that it might be used as a floating data center. The film captured a number of suicides, and featured interviews with family and friends of some of the identified people who had thrown themselves from the bridge that year. Kevin Hogg has some odd real estate transactions.

He purchased 2 houses shortly after he moved to florida in Owned them both until when he sold it to the president of an Azerbaijani Airline at a 75k dollar loss. Its also odd that Cubic where he "works" is in orlando and he lives in parksdale. Its possible he wanted to "rent one out" but that seems like a weird thing to start doing as soon as you move your family from california to Florida. Anons, How are the skies in your neck? If I remember correctly, Alex Jones had a guest that was alluding to HRC trips to CA for occult ritual meetings and that Podesta was worried that these were too frequent and would arouse suspicion.

Crisis actor on the set in california last year. Grabbed from a YouTube video. They fired him when he was in california. Proceedings are conducted ex parte. The prospective ward is afforded no counsel and no opportunity to appear in order to oppose the petition. There is no medical or psychological test to determine competency based on first-hand observations.

Conservatorship orders often direct local law enforcement officers to assist in apprehending the ward. Footnote: Human Behavior magazine reports that after such an order was issued for Love Petri, age 26, 'the special forces division of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department descended on the Tony and Susan Alamo Christian Foundation with helicopters, vans, squad cars, and thirty armed officers to forcibly remove her. The deprogramming process culminates at the half-way house of the Freedom of Thought Foundation, a non-profit corporation supported by parents.

Trauscht claims he is besieged by more than fifty calls a day from parents who request his services. They steal the "left behind" parents' assets through this legal abuse and debtors prison. Who audits? WHY school shootings? What is more precious than our children? Emotional pull. Distraction event. Gun grab event. D security. These people are SICK. It's always about the money. This was after pulse attempt to use Gays to grab guns. Maybe it was he had met the Tzarnevs?

I seem to remember this. Then there was that guy who claimed that all these guys were trained together at some facility? Trump asked: Why did Hillary keep going to california? Larry Nichols revealed she flew monthly to take part in Wiccan ceremonies around LA. Harvard-Westlake school in california was tagged in the post and decided to shut down classes Friday as a result. Photo via TheWrap. Why did she go to california? They said, you need votes.

You need the electoral college, which, by the way, is much tougher than the popular vote. The popular vote would be so much easier. You go to three or four states and you just go and you just do a great job. Hillary forgot that, you know. She went to the states. What is she doing? Why does she keep going back to california? Next time they're going to remember Iowa, they're going to remember Ohio, remember.

They spent a lot of time in Pennsylvania to no avail. Reference to Clinton going to california. Larry Nichols was the man who revealed it. Wiccan coven activity. He has drowned all the california Neo-Nazis! Former Clinton aide stated Hilary flew to california once a month when Bill was Pres to take part in a coven. I'll see if I can find the video. Also, Trump used strange hand signals when talking about MS I may not be the most observant person, but here are my notes from POTUS CPAC '18 speech - "Fortunately, I wasn't a politician then," pronounced "4chan-ately" - For the first time, the word "Atrocities" was used in response to crowd yelling "Lock her up!

Hahaha california faggots got mudslided. RLH , a private equity firm based in Los Angeles, california , which manages both the pharmacy and the private equity fund that owns the pharmacy, for their involvement in the alleged kickback scheme. The aides and the State Department official weren't authorized to speak publicly on the matter and demanded anonymity.

Congress had initially approved the Palestinian funding in budget years and , but at least two GOP lawmakers - Ed Royce of california , the chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and Kay Granger of Texas, who sits on the House Appropriations Committee - had placed holds on it over moves the Palestinian Authority had taken to seek membership in international organizations. Congressional holds are generally respected by the executive branch but are not legally binding after funds have been allocated. The Obama administration had for some time been pressing for the release of the money for the Palestinian Authority, which comes from the U.

Agency for International Development and is to be used for humanitarian aid in the West Bank and Gaza, to support political and security reforms as well as help prepare for good governance and the rule of law in a future Palestinian state, according to the notification sent to Congress. Peacebuilding Fund; the U. Special Coordinator on improving the U. System Staff College. The Palestinian funding is likely to draw anger from some in Congress as well as the Trump White House. Trump has vowed to be a strong supporter of Israel and has invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to visit Washington next month.

How Much Blood is on Obama's Hands? The most cases were reported in california 92 , Maryland 85 , New York 80 , and Virginia Where I am there's a lot of very woke hamfags — even a lot of oldfags, if they're boomers. Most are gun owners, prep at least to some extent, and very politically aware. All of the ones I know like that are Trumpkins. A couple of them who have farms in the outback, have even offered space to the rest of us, in case there's any kind of major trouble. Not sure about everywhere, but here in my part of flyover country and in a hampal's part of northern california we've got the threes system in place: in case of trouble, broadcasts will happen every three hours on a given freq.

That way we won't waste battery if the grid's down. Information will be spread then by each person as to how things are at each location, and people will be given info on what to expect along the roads in case people want to relocate. Nice to have that in place, with so many woke hamfags in the system. So DJT is just going to cut and run from california? More people voted for him in CA than in most of those puny, blue-blooded, east coast shit holes.

The immigration problem here is the fault of the federal government and now that a priority has been placed to curb this foreign invasion, CA government officials have been insubordinate to POTUS to the point of threatening employers that cooperate with the feds and thwarting ICE at every opportunity. So what's it going to be? I believe he was a Junior in california and Senior in Fl. I just left an earlier post requesting that we find any proof that Hogg attended Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, with a focus on locating any yearbook pictures.

I have since come across this - pic related. Perhaps we can prove he wasn't a student by showing he attended a school in california. I would point out that the city of Renaldo, where she says this school was located is also the same place his lifeguard-bully footage was taken. Makes more sense that he was attending school in california when the lifeguard clip was shot. I have to wonder if they did not use that technology or were testing that technology and it resulted in the loss of an entire town in california Santa Rosa and so many of the fires in california in Some of the pictures looked like more than a regular fire.

(PDF) Marcel Dekker, Inc. Handbook of Pharmaceutical Analysis | Marija Bosnjak - etaxebikajuj.tk

This is an important trigger to remind them how they are captured by the unending repeating rebuilding programming. There are countless little things like this, which are evidence that Billy Graham is playing a role in the satanic mind-control of the Illuminati. Schefflin, a mind-control expert, told me that he saw internal documents from the s teaching Billy Graham's people on how to have a successful revival. These documents instructed crusade counselors on things which were elements of mind-control, such as delaying people from coming forward to confess Christ until the "right" time.

The concerned Christian was a friend of Franklin Graham Billy's son and he had lived for two years at Billy Graham's house. David Hill, who was a ex-Mason turned Christian, who had worked with many of the world's elite, spent 18 hours in a hotel room warning Billy Graham about the New World Order. Billy Graham told David Hill at the end of their two days of talking in this eastern U.

Since they created who he is, they can destroy him. And he knows it. David Hill went on to try to expose the New World Order and lost was murdered his life just as he finished a manuscript exposing it. Even a well-informed Christian like David Hill, who tried to warn Billy Graham about the NWO, was unaware of the extent of the deception of the Illuminati's mind control. David didn't know about programmed multiples. It was David Hill, who innocently believing in Billy Graham, arranged the meeting for the two men.

David Hill knew that William Randolph Hearst was part of the Illuminati, He was part of the branch Illuminati — at what could be termed the 6th degree. William Randolph Hearst was totally into paganism. That is very obvious by a tour of his mansion in california which has been turned into a museum.

Stu Pak provides funds for Billy Graham and others. The company has a lot of relatives running it. The Morris family is also tied to it. The people of Stewart Title Company are ruthless. Will most likely find that all of them are Clown Illum brain washers. Move the border inland, but also close all the military installations and post the equipment on the california border.

Most of the people who live there aren't really American anyway. Just expanding on the President's thought here. It's brinksmanship. Not cooperating with ICE? Ok, let's pull them out and see what happens. Would wake people up in about 5 minutes. Won't be too hard to clean up afterwards. Kicking out 20 million illegals is not too much harder than kicking out 8 million. Just literally pull out ICE and all border patrol.

Move them to california 's eastern and northern borders to keep them out of the rest of the country. They would be begging. And you know what? I am thinking about doing it. After praising the work of Attorney General Jeff Sessions in fighting against gangs, Trump addressed the question of opposition form the State of california directly: They [the MS gang] actually have franchises going to Los Angeles. We're getting no help from the State of california. I mean, frankly, if I wanted to pull our people from california , you would have a crime mess like you've never seen in california.

And yet, we get no help from the State of california. They are doing a lousy management job. They have the highest taxes in the nation, and they don't know what's happening out there. Frankly, it's a disgrace. The "sanctuary city" situation, the protection of these horrible criminals - you know it, because you're working on it - the protection of these horrible criminals in california , and other places, but in california , that if we ever pulled our ICE out, and we ever said, "Let california alone, let them figure it out for themselves," in two months, they'd be begging for us to come back.

Ironically, one of the frequent themes of anti-Trump and pro-amnesty protests in california is the demand to push ICE out of california. Democrat-dominated cities have passed resolutions to limit cooperation with ICE and vowed to defy the federal government's attempt to enforce immigration laws, with the mayor of Oakland even promising to go to jail in protest.

Trump threatened to take activists at their word and let the state live with the consequences. Get your shit together CA! Sorry, might be off topic or nothing… but I found something weird. This CA university copied the info from a Canadian university and claims is as theirs. There is a good lesson to be learned. Be careful what one wishes for…. May God have mercy on the people of california. Trace liberal hot spots. Find elevations. Find ground subsidence maps. Find earthquake fault lines. Find prophecies, especially on Ring of Fire blowing up by Mark Taylor. You will find judgement.

Pull federal agents out of california and let GOD sort them out. Cali is going in the sea anyway, no need to lose good men to judgement. Construction begins to replace border wall in california Wednesday, February 21, SAN DIEGO — "The federal government has started work on a border wall in california to replace a decaying decades-old barrier.

The work that began Wednesday in the city of Calexico is the first wall contract awarded in the Trump administration outside of eight prototypes that were built in San Diego. It is a little more than 2 miles 3. Notable Posts Consolidation 2. Hogg's Redondo Beach video is on the water. In Southern california , no less. Areas for Potential Fentanyl-in-the-Water Drops? The Executive Board of the Houston HIDTA requested removal of these counties from designation after assessing the threat and determining that these counties no longer met the statutory criteria necessary for designation as HIDTA counties.

ONDCP evaluated and accepted the request. It turns out some of the worst anti-american asians, whites, muslims, spics, niggers, you name it. It's a veritable cesspit of corruption and deviance that are emboldened by years of socialist policies and weaknesses of california in general, hiding behind 'small town' name.

Some of the faculty there OPEN espouse racially motivated anti-american, anti-white agenda for YEARS before hussein ever got into office, and regularly victimize Americans while thumbing their noses at us. Pic related. Mostly minorities, including jews and muslims. They must be made to pay. Any anons have a way to see if this is the same Kevin Hogg? There were some videos of David in california , this would line up if so. I want to save it but also have it grow overtime. An aide to a Florida Representative did send an email to a member of the press that there were non-student crisis actors.

That staffer was immediately fired and the representative dismissed the claim. Laguna Beach Antifa account alleges he went to Redondo Shores HS and graduated , with an alleged yearbook picture. In the top frame, another student is wearing an "Eagles" jersey - which is the mascot for Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. This appears to be intentional plant to discredit any claims that he is a "crisis actor. Could very well just be there on vacation or might have moved? Video surfaces of him in california after having recorded an encounter with an unpleasant lifeguard.

It appears this was just vacation with a friend. Apparently, in the video interview that he conducted during the shooting, he stated the time was The shooting, however, took place after 2pm 4 hours later. Could just be that he misspoke. If he is a "crisis actor", then he would need to be playing the long game for at least 2 years…and would have had to have known in advance and done nothing to stop it.

That is an incredibly hard notion to swallow - although not an impossible one. I am definitely skeptical. Jonathan Hanks rape suspect drank cyanide during police chase. George Soros whose original last name was Schwartz is worth over 25 billion and he is from Budapest Hungary where the Habsburg and Schwarzenberg families governed. George Soros founded the Open Society Institute which is involved in funding radical political groups as a means to destabilize societies while pretending to represent civil liberties.

Dieter Schwarz is a German billionaire worth over 20 billion and runs a retail monopoly called Schwarz Gruppe. Skynet is also the name of an artificial intelligence that takes over the world in the movie Terminator which stars Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold Schwarzenegger is really a Prince of the Schwarzenberg family and the Duke of california.

Or take the case of a Cupertino, california couple who were recently convicted on federal charges of distributing materials deemed pornographic according to the community standards of Memphis, Tennessee. In both of these case, a local government is trying to apply its ordinances upon all of Cyberspace, and thus the entire planet. This might work for a time. Because of the American origins of the Internet, Cyberspace seems "ours," rather as Panama once did.

This won't last long. As increasing numbers of non-Americans jack in, even such little willingness to submit to Washington as now exists will cease. And it's unlikely that any new external power will arise in Washington's place. The Internet was designed to survive nuclear ordnance raining down all over it. This required that it be headless and self-organizing. It is thereby as resistant to Washington's efforts to control it as it would have been to Soviet efforts to decapitate it. It is the largest functional anarchy the world has ever known and is likely to stay that way.

Thus, the electronic frontier also differs from its predecessors in that setting up reservations is not likely to suffice for corralling the natives. As digital pioneer John Gilmore said, "The Internet deals with censorship as though it were a malfunction. It routes around it. Unlike land, they are making more of this stuff. If you don't like the politics of the system you're on, you can set up your own for the price of a clone and increasingly cheap Internet connection.

There is, in addition, an irresolvable mismatch between the accelerating pace of technology and the changes it will enact upon the terrain of Cyberspace and the geological ponderousness with which the conventional legal structure of any jurisdiction, physical or virtual, can adapt to those changes. Unfortunately, while governments have been good at imposing limitations, they show little capacity for accepting their own. Personally, I don't believe that government as we've known it as a promising future. I think the terrestrial powers will pursue us into Cyberspace and die of confusion there, thrashing arbitrarily and crushing miscellaneous unfortunates as they do.

Like rabid dinosaurs, the fact that they're doomed will not make them any less dangerous. And while I have some faith that the netizens will eventually find appropriate and effective means for securing as much order as they want, I also expect that various sorts of bad craziness will afflict them for some time to come. Skagway, might look like a nice place to raise a family compared to Cyberspace, It is because of these twin co-evolving perilous opportunities that Mitch Kapor and I founded the Electronic Frontier Foundation back in At the time, we perceived our narrow purpose as being the protection of digital expression and the enhancement of digital community.

Now EFF's expanding charter extends to resisting the last ditch efforts of the old Industrial Age powers to colonize and subdue Cyberspace, while helping the folks who pass much of their lives there to find practical means for ordering their own affairs. I hope you will join that effort, either with us or by independently struggling toward your own approaches to these problems.

And don't be dismayed. Jack in. Go to Cyberspace, and go with all the adrenaline and goofy optimism which ought to accompany frontier enterprise. As I say, I don't think you have much choice, so you might as well make the best of it. But don't come to this wild place expecting to civilize it, as I once did.

This frontier may well be permanent And, finding bedlam, please don't send for your troops. They will only get in the way of a future which you will have to invent yourselves. About seventy percent of the people who are in that economically stagnant region work for some form of government. Most of them are the spiritual descendents of Sgt.

Preston, whose real-life Mounty counterparts were dispatched into the economic wilds of Dawson and Skagway to impose social decency on the stampeders. There is a cycle of frontier inhabitation which has usually gone like this: Misfits and dreamers, rejected by or rejecting society, are pushed out into the margins. There they set up camp and maintain what little order they want in it by unwritten codes, the honor of thieves, the Code of the West. Despite their usual haplessness, they discover resources and start exploiting them.

Burghers and boosters back in the civilized regions hear of these discoveries. Settlers, a milder sort, come in with their women and children and are repelled by the savagery and license of their predecessors, whether mountain men, prospectors, or Indians. They elect representatives, pass laws, and, pretty soon, they've created another place which is boring but which at least appears predictable. Already we can find the usual Christian soldiers massing at the borders of Cyberspace. Whether their instruments of entry are the FBI's Digital Telephony proposal which proposes to hard-wire the Net for automated surveillance or the NSA's Clipper Chip which would allow you to lock your digital door, but only if the government kept a key or well-meaning legislative efforts ensure equal access to the Net, or increasingly punitive props in the collapsing structure of copyright law, or pure, blue-nosed priggishness, the government is preparing to place this new frontier under the rule of law.

Whether the pioneers already there want it or not. There are, however, some critical differences between this frontier and its predecessors. For one thing, while there was no question that the government in Ottawa had legitimate jurisdiction over the Yukon, the same could not be said of the relationship between Washington and Cyberspace. Cyberspace, being a region of mind rather than geography, is simultaneously everywhere and nowhere.

There are no national borders. The only boundaries which are significant are those which one crosses by entering a password. The location of those systems is irrelevant. What difference does it make that the actual whereabouts of a hard disk is, say, california , when one may as easily actuate its heads from a keyboard in Berlin as from the desk it sits on? The Internet is essentially one great machine or, better, organism all elements of which are continuous if wide-flung. Two were suicides. Including - On Jan. No one was killed or injured.

It starts out as gun control and then escalates from there. The whole Hogg yearbook tweet reeks of a CNN "trick". In order to make the conspiracy theory look senseless they put out the california yearbook tweet and once they made that viral they put out the Florida yearbook video tweet debunking the Laguna Antifa tweet. It's purely psychological the way they try to play both sides.

Think I might have something here. Q said no coincidences. Two small plane crashes in southern california. The first I think was discussed here and quickly forgotten. There was another today. Here is his profile at UC Irvine. Maybe nothing, but all too coincidental based on what has been dropped. Liddle Kids?

Liddle Biographical File Date [inclusive] - Extent0. Preferred Citation Liddle, Grant W. Historical or Biographical Note Dr. He is credited with having devised the modern approach to the diagnosis of disorders of the adrenal glands. Grant Liddle was born in American Fork, Utah in He graduated valedictorian from the University of Utah in Immediately upon graduating he was drafted by the Army and sent to medical school at the University of california , San Francisco, where he received his MD in In , Dr.

Hugh Morgan offered Dr. Liddle the position of chief of the Endocrine Service at Vanderbilt. Grant Liddle also served as chair of the Department of Medicine from until He became a member of the National Academy of Science in It appears that they lived in california for quite sometime. LDP could be his real dad. Starting over like New california sounds like the idea.

The artical I attached addresses the corporate agenda behind the water push. This was also during the era of the Ice Bucket Challenge which made no sense with all of the water shortages and did nothing to advance cures for ALS, which was the weird impetus for the hive propaganda campaign… a campaign which was currying donations to a company that was literally called ISIS….

Could california drought restrictions slash water rights? Members of the state Water Resources Control Board delayed a decision about whether to bring back what had been temporary water bans from california 's drought, spanning to The plan is part of an effort to make water conservation a way of life, with climate change expected to lead to longer, more severe droughts. It comes after U. That would create a slippery slope of allowing the board to repeatedly chip away at california 's historic protection of water rights for landowners, they said.

Previous Notable Posts? Especially those that have a known capacity at a certain level. Lots of those kind of places out in california and in the desert. The kids are not "crisis actors" in the conventional sense. I have a feeling he brought some Military CID folks to help with the investigation. Imagine for a moment this was a planned operation. What would you need to pull it off? The Fall Guy: Cruz.

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